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The world’s bees need our help.
See what Bee Cause is doing about it.

Australia’s fresh food is at stake! It’s pollinated by our honeybees and they’re under threat!

Visit the Bee Cause website to learn the five ways you can support the cause

The Bee Cause Range

Bush honey

From the heart of the Australian bush.

Inspiration - The magic and tranquility of the Australian Bush

Taste Index - Not too sweet

Food Match - Drizzle on your favourite yoghurt

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River honey

From the banks of winding waterways.

Inspiration - The winding waterways across Australia

Taste index - Full bodied

Food match - Versatile in any recipe

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Mountain honey

From the ancient Great Dividing Range.

Inspiration - The ancient, beautifully formed Great Dividing Ranges

Taste Index - Strong & bitey

Food match - The ultimate baking companion

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Outback honey

From the remote landscape of the outback.

Inspiration - The unique remoteness of our Australian outback

Taste index - Warm and buttery

Food match - Perfect with muesli or on warm toast

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Coastal honey

From the sandy shores of the coastline.

Inspiration - Clear blue skies and sun kissed beach days

Taste index - Mild caramel

Food match - A yummy allrounder. Refreshing in smoothies

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Meadow honey

From the rolling fields of Australian farms.

The Australian Bush is a magical place that embodies tranquility. Wild animals roam free, kangaroos doze in the sun. Hide in the shade nibbling on gum leaves, except for the hum of the luckiest

Inspiration - Endless fields of flowers on a warm spring day

Taste Index - Mild caramel

Food Match - Add to your favourite hot drink

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News, new products and exclusive
offers before anybody else.

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